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Beginning Prophetic Glory Ring Workshop

For information about hosting a Workshop please contact Jennifer Joy by email or call 1.541.967.9999 ~ Home Office

Most individuals find the Prophetic Glory Ring Workshops to be life changing and a spiritually intimate encounter with JESUS CHRIST. Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister has traveled to many cities to share her passion for worshiping in spirit and truth, hearing the voice of God and the releasing the gifts of the Spirit through the impartation and anointing of the MOST HIGH GOD!

"I attended the Glory Ring Workshop today. I was profoundly moved, not so much by the making of the rings, but by what you taught us about the glory of HIS presence, the need for listening to HIS voice and then going forward with HIS leading. Being still in HIS presence and waiting on the LORD until HE answers was an integral part of your Glory Ring Workshop. May GOD make HIS face to shine upon you, your face to shine on others, and your face to shine as Moses’ when he knew not its brilliance."                                                     

                                                                                             Gordon Allen, Beaverton, Oregon


The Morning Session is devoted to teaching the Scriptural foundation for intimacy in worship and dance, and the prophetic intercessory release through worship instruments. The Afternoon Session is devoted to the creation and construction of Prophetic Glory Rings (ribbon/scarf) and worship. The Holy Spirit desires to give each person a design, for their personal worship instrument. In conjunction with the Beginning Workshop we offer Children's Workshops - please ask for more information.

The Journal of Joy records previous workshops with photographs to provide a more visual perception of the experience.

As a participant in a Beginning Glory Ring Workshop, you are invited to attend any sequential workshop without paying the registration fee again. Attendance is based on available space. You must pre-register by calling HGRM Home Office at 541.967.9999 and bring your own worship instrument supplies. It is a blessing to make a worship instrument in the Presence of the LORD among HIS people.

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Beginning Workshop $55 Individual  (To register for any workshop)


Beginning Workshop $75Husband and Wife (To register for any workshop)


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Advanced Prophetic Glory Ring Workshop 

The 8-hour day is completely devoted to the instruction and making of tinsel Glory Rings. The Morning Session is preparation of the rings, tinsel, centers, ribbons, and adornments; Steps 1-3 in the book, Have Glory Ring will Travel! The Afternoon Session is putting it all together -Steps 4-12.

Sample Invitation


Advanced Workshop $55 Individual


Advanced Workshop $75 Husband and Wife 


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Recommendations for the Care of  your Prophetic Worship Instrument

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of GOD."  I Corinthians 10:31