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Jennifer Lynn Joy 2007

July 28, 2007


Early I arose at HIS beckoning sound and was sitting in the living room embracing HIS Holy Presence as I perused the Scriptures. Settling into the first chapter of the Gospel of John and reading through to 1:50-51


Jesus answered and said to him, "Because I said to you, 'I saw you under the fig tree,' do you believe? You will see greater things than these." And He said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Song of Man."


As I was in a pondering state before the LORD, I looked out the south window of the living room and a hot air balloon was on the horizon - at 7:15 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (Daylight Savings Time). I jumped up, grabbed the camera and flew out the sliding glass door to the south deck. Glory to God! The last time I saw a Hot Air Balloon was the morning of February 12, 2005 before the the Fort Collins, Colorado Beginning Prophetic Glory Ring Workshop.


For the next twenty minutes, four hot air balloons and one glider coasted on the winds above "The Garden of Eden" where I reside in North Albany, Oregon. I was fascinated by the sound of the fire releasing the hot air to fill the balloon. First came the sound of the rushing wind then I could see the fire ignited and the sound increased for a few seconds while hot air filled the balloon lifting them just a bit higher. The final balloon colored with blue and gold stripes and lettered boldly with the words, 7TH  HEAVEN ....And yes, I am waving my arms and yelling "Good Morning!" to those in flight. They returned the wave and the greeting. And yes, they were close enough for me to hear and to see them wave.



Only ELOHIM (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) would bring a hot air balloon over the fig tree next to the south deck at this moment in time. The timing was amazing. Usually, I am at the computer which is not near a window that would allow me this view. The second photo from the last includes the fig tree next to the deck...it is in full bloom almost ready for harvest. The figs are just beginning to turn color. It is just loaded with fruit. The final photo is the north view above the neighboring horse ranch.



Chapter 2 of John describes the first recorded miracle "the beginning of signs" of YESHUA, when He turned the water into wine at the wedding feast.


The essentials include hearing HIS voice, being immediately obedient, being prepared, understanding that it is HIS times and seasons (not ours), the season of harvest is at hand and that HE knows all 6000 plus spoken languages on the earth in addition to the languages of animals, winds, waves, mathematics, music, color, nature, stars, heavens, galaxies...etc. It is a complete wonder and joy to me that HE would take the time to orchestrate the visit of '7th Heaven' to the tiny spot on the planet where I reside at a precise moment in time for HIS eternal glory.


May you hear the sound of HIS Air Wind Fire and Light today!


In HIS eternal wonder,


Jennifer Lynn Joy

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 "HE has brought me to HIS banquet hall, And HIS banner over me is LOVE!" Song of Solomon 2:4