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3rd Quarter 2006 Ministry Newsletter ~ www.hisgloryringministries.com

 October 8, 2006

To the faithful servants of the YAHWEH, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

HIS GLORY REIGNS MINISTRIES ~ September 22, 2006 ~ Rosh Hashanah - The Feast of Trumpets! As the LORD GOD has ordained and designed this ministry according to HIS will, way and purposes we find that over the last ten years HE has been adding facets to the ministry such as Anointing Oil, Workshops, Prayer Shields, Worship Gatherings and Internet Ministry. GOD has continued to increase, define, refine, build, establish and extend our tent pegs according to HIS plan and design. We now recognize fully that HE has called us to more than the making, teaching, imparting and sending forth of worship instruments. Although most facets of this ministry will function in the same manner, we are moving forward and crossing over in our new mantle of HIS GLORY REIGNS!

Therefore, the first facet of HIS GLORY REIGNS MINISTRIES affectionately known as HIS Glory Ring Ministries will continue to function as a Christian faith, Biblically based, international, trans-denominational, multi-cultural, domestic non-profit, tax-exempt (501 (c) 3) ministry. The heart of this ministry is to give generously to our FATHER GOD's nations, states, territories, islands, cities and tribes of the earth for HIS Glory. The ministry is comprised of faithful, dedicated and devoted volunteer covenantal directors, officers, advisors, handmaidens and intercessors. This ministry is sustained through the fervent prayers of faithful intercessors and supported by financial offerings and gifts (II Corinthians 2:17, I Samuel 30:24-25). We pray for the fullness of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY'S blessings be poured out lavishly to you and those you love as you purpose to walk in obedience to HIS Holy Spirit sowing into HIS Kingdom.

As the LORD continues to stretch me beyond belief it is with a humble and grateful heart that I release HIS covenant and commanded blessings to each of you. And offer eternal thanksgiving to those who faithfully support this ministry through faithful prayers, humble servanthood and generous offerings. We continue to be dependent upon the LORD as you send forth, radical prayers and financial support on the behalf of HGRM as we purpose to walk in the fullness of HIS will, timing, and purpose only for HIS Glory.

As always, yours for JESUS, 

Jennifer L. Joy

Enclosed are three places the LORD met me strongly in this last quarter releasing HIS WORDS of ENCOURAGEMENT AND HOPE. We trust they will encourage and bless you richly!

Touching Over 370 Nations, States, Cities, Rivers, Islands, Territories and Tribes for the Glory of JESUS CHRIST!


Please take a moment to pray for the following Native American tribes and Nations that have received prophetic worship instruments for the fullness of the destiny of JESUS CHRIST to be released into their nations, territories, states, cities, counties, churches, schools and families.


Glory Rings:

v     4 Nations: Guatemala, Kenya-Africa, Buganda-Africa, Algeria-Africa

v     4 Native American:  The Missouri River, The Ohio River, The Colorado River and Wiconi International Ministry 

Flags and Other Worship Instruments:  

v     5 Prayer Shawls to Oregon and New Mexico 


Our Five Prayer Shields have merged like streams into a mighty river into One Prayer Shield: 888-Prayers. Simply put it is 8 minutes, 8 prayer targets, 8 emails per month sent to faithful, radical intercessors. We are grateful to have over 500 praying with us monthly! Please join us at 888-Prayers–subscribe@inJesus.com. Because GOD HEARS, LISTENS AND RESPONDS TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE….


 August 20, 2006 ~ HGRM ordained Kathy Robinson of Colton, Oregon; Dolores McKee of Oregon City, Oregon and Marsh Maddox of Portales, New Mexico. The key to ordination is that it is totally about the destiny of JESUS CHRIST being released in each person according to the will, purposes and plans of GOD (Jeremiah 29:11). For our ministry perspective on Ordination please visit www.hisgloryringministries.com/tn-ordination-1.html




Tom and Laura Sparks, Eagle Creek, OR, USA ~ Freedom’s Price Ministry ~ www.fpmin.com




My son, Shawn Stoneberg is engaged to Jodie Grogan and they have set the date of January 13, 2007 for their wedding in Corvallis, Oregon! GLORY TO GOD! Additionally, my daughter, Angela Parker and her husband, Shane are expecting a baby in April 2007 to join their family of Elijah (6) and Sarah Joy (4). We are blessed beyond words at the kindness of GOD!




Sent to: Felicia Ehret, Worship Leader, Coastline Foursquare Church, Eureka, CA, USA

Scriptures: Isaiah 60, Isaiah 61, Isaiah 62, Psalm 23, Psalm 24, Exodus 33, I Kings 18, II Kings 18, Acts 2 and Revelation 10:9-10.

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