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The Queen Esther Anointing

 Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2003

1. The book of Esther is a very rich book full of wonderful metaphors. Many Biblical Scholars believe that Esther is a type and shadow of JESUS CHRIST, so that is one way in which you may read and study the text.  

2. Another way to study the Scripture is to ask, "How does this apply to my life personally?"

3. In the first chapter, the King is described along with all his wealth, associates, friends in high places, and spheres of influence. The King is throwing a little gathering for 180 days to celebrate…now there’s a party…… and in the middle of his party his wife makes an unwise choice.

4. In the second chapter, Esther, the story’s heroine is introduced. She is an orphan girl. One essential of walking in the "Queen Esther Anointing" or walking in the Favor of the LORD is to be adopted into GOD’s family. We are all orphans until adopted into GOD’s family.  To have the favor of the KING, as in KING JESUS is to know the KING. Do you know your KING JESUS?

5. In verse 2:8, Esther is taken to the palace…. which means she is taken from her home, her place of security, her place of identity, her place of comfort, her place of trust, and her family and thrust into an unknown place, with unfamiliar customs, without the comforts of her home and the love of her family. Are you willing to give up your family, your home and your place of comfort for your KING JESUS? It seems to be the second essential to walk in the fullness of the Queen Esther Anointing and to walk in the fullness of the LORD’s favor!

6. In verse 2:10, Esther continued to respect and obey those in authority over her. It is vital until the time you are released in ministry or released in a position of authority that you seek wisdom and counsel from those the LORD has placed in authority over you. This could be a husband, a pastor, a friend, a brother, a father, a mother, an uncle, an aunt…each of us is accountable to someone…. and all of us are accountable to the LORD and to each other. I have found that being in ministry has provoked me to seek counsel even more than before I was in full-time ministry. 

7. In verse 2:14, Esther delighted the King. Do you know how to delight your KING JESUS? If so, do you?

8. In verse 2:15, Esther listened to the advice of the King’s eunuch…. and followed his recommendations. Wisdom is finding out as much as possible before you enter another person’s territory.

9. In 2:17, the King declares his love for Esther and he gives her his favor and grace. Hasn’t our KING JESUS declared HIS love for us and hasn’t HE given us HIS favor and grace freely?

10. In 2:19, Esther continues to serve her King, continues to obey Mordecai, and brings truth to the King, which saves his life. Esther actively demonstrates her love for her King. Do we demonstrate our love for our KING JESUS? If so, how?

11. Chapter 3 reveals Hamon’s plot to destroy, to kill, to annihilate, all the Jews, young and old, little children and women in a single day and plunder their possessions on the 13th day of Adar.

12. The situation is revealed to Esther and she tells Mordecai about the consequences of going before the King and the possibility of death and the scepter not being extended to her. There is always a risk in obedience no matter what the LORD asks you to do, there is a risk….a risk of rejection, ridicule, betrayal, failure, loss, embarrassment, harassment and being misunderstood etc. What are you willing to risk? Really willing to risk?

13. In verse 4:14 is one of the most popular verses “For such a time as this”……GOD is the author and finisher of our faith, HE is the one who had called us, HE is the one who prepares us…..long before Esther entered the palace GOD was preparing her. The key is do you allow GOD to prepare you? Do you want HIM to prepare you?  Do you embrace HIS discipline? Do you embrace HIS fire? Do you trust HIM when you have no apparent earthly reason to do so? The LORD spent over five years preparing me to worship with flags. In the five years of preparation HE changed my understanding of worship and walking humbly before my GOD!

When the caterpillar enters the cocoon, every shred of its history goes with him or her into the cocoon. Generally speaking, caterpillars are not known for their staggering beauty. Perhaps it is more than obvious but they do truly crawl through life. When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly - the caterpillar's life history is no longer recognizable. The new fresh winged butterfly looks absolutely nothing like the caterpillar. The butterfly has beautiful colorful wings and is set free to fly and dance among fragrant blossoms. It is important to note that the butterfly never returns to the remains of the cocoon or tries to carry the cocoon around on its back showing it to everyone it meets. It completely lets go of its history and flies freely in total abandonment! 

As the favor, grace and mercy of our KING JESUS is released to us we are set free to fly and we are transformed by HIS perfect love. When Esther went to the King's Chambers all of her history went with her. She was nothing more than a orphaned, Jewish girl in exile. Yet Esther was transformed by the love of her KING and became a queen. Isn't that what the love of GOD is really about? Transforming us unto the likeness of the KING of KINGS!

14. In verse 4:16, Esther makes her commitment to her people, to her uncle, to her GOD! “If I perish, I perish!” Are we really willing to give our lives for each other? If you will ask the LORD to show you a way in which you could serve your family, your church family, your community, your city, your state, your nation….HE WILL SHOW YOU! SO ASK HIM!

15. Esther fasted and prayed three days and on the third day she dressed in royal robes. In 5:1 she dressed appropriately for her king? Do we dress appropriately for our KING? When she went to see the King she did not demand entrance, interrupt and/or charge in….she waited until she was called. Do we wait for our KING to call us, to position us, to respond to us….or do we demand entrance, rudely interrupt, charge in and take over? 

16. In verse 5:3 the King offered her half the kingdom, this was 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia….not a small gift by any means. She did not get gold dust in her eyes….she was focused on her commitment, her mission for her people. Often wealth or money distracts us from the purposes of GOD in our lives…..if someone offered you hundreds of thousands of dollars would you be distracted from what GOD has called you to do?  Staying focused on JESUS is an essential to walking the favor and anointing of the LORD!

17. In verse 5:4, Esther served the King a banquet…..her heart was to serve her King. Is our heart to serve our KING JESUS?

18. In verse 5:6, Esther served the King a Banquet of Wine…..again she was offered ½ the kingdom…..and her response…..was to serve HIM again…..including serving her enemy at the same table. 

19. In verse 5:8, Esther served her enemy as unto the timing of the LORD. GOD has a timing, even when HE requires that we serve our enemies. These are not demons, these are people. These  people are also the enemies of GOD. You must trust HIM regardless of who HE asks you to serve….it may not be someone you like, let alone can barely tolerate! It is about hearing HIS voice and walking in immediate obedience and completely trusting HIM with the results.

20. In Chapter 6 the King honored Mordecai because of a previous act of honoring the King. The timing was impeccable. Sometimes we are overlooked and it may seem unfair but GOD’s time is ONLY HIS! To walk in the favor of the LORD you must trust HIM implicitly! Faith is believing for someone else. Trust is believing for yourself.

21.  In Chapter 7 the enemy is destroyed. GOD is still on the throne, always has been, always will be!

22. Esther’s people are saved in chapter 8, notice the enemy is destroyed first then the people are saved….that might not be the order you would do things. GOD’s order is perfect.

23. In Chapter 9 the Jews destroy their enemies and bring home plunder. So not only were they vindicated they were blessed with provision.

24. A feast of Purim is established for the Jews to celebrate this victory in the LORD! GOD does enjoy a good party! Especially a victory party! It is essential when walking in the favor of the LORD to take time to celebrate, to party, to rejoice, to give HIM GLORY!

25. Chapter 10 Esther’s family is returned to her….Mordecai is now 2nd to the King and living in the palace.  Perhaps one of the ways to know if you are walking in the fullness of the LORD’s favor…."the Queen Esther anointing"….is that your family has been returned and restored to you. 

For a more in-depth study, the following is a list of the benefits of GOD'S FAVOR in one's life according to HIS will, purposes, way and mercy for HIS Glory:

a) God's favor brings forth supernatural increase and promotion (Genesis 39:21-23; 41:38-41; 42:6).

b) God's favor brings forth restoration of everything that the enemy has stolen from you (Exodus 3:21; Joel 2:23-27).

c) God's favor brings forth honor in the midst of your adversaries (Exodus 11:3).

d) God's favor brings forth increased assets, especially in land holdings (Deuteronomy 33:23; 6:10-14).

e) God's favor brings forth great victories in the midst of seemingly greater impossibilities (Joshua 11:20).

f) God's favor brings forth promotion, even when you seem the least likely to receive it (I Samuel 16:22; Esther 2:7-9).

g) God's favor brings forth prominence and preferential treatment (Esther 2:17).

h) God's favor brings forth granted petitions even by ungodly civil authorities (Esther 5:8).

i) God's favor causes policies, rules, regulations and laws, to be changed and reversed to your advantage (Esther 8:5).

j) God's favor brings forth victorious battles because God will fight for you (Psalm 44:3; II Chronicles 20:17-25).

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Scriptures: Matthew 16:19, Isaiah 9:6-7, John 5:19-23, John 4:23-24, Luke 12:49-50, Acts 2, Isaiah 22:21-23, Malachi 3:2-3, John 17, John 16, John 14, Revelation 22, Genesis 1, II Corinthians 3:17-18 and Matthew 27:51-54.

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"And then shall they see the SON of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."  Luke 21:27