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A couple of months ago I enquired Jennifer about a glory ring for Portugal. I noticed that there was no Glory Ring made for Portugal before.  It was time for Portugal and the Holy Spirit inspired me to ask Jennifer for a Portugal ring. Jennifer answered that God’s Spirit has led her to merge Portugal-Spain  in one ring.

Three years ago I visited the Algarve coast in Portugal for the first time. I was with my husband and our two sons for a holiday. We also had a few missions to accomplish during our stay. The enemy tried to discourage us. He attacked me physically. The first day of arrival in Portugal, I suddenly had a pain in my right leg. The pain became worse each day. I hardly could walk during three days. But I knew it was an attack, so I just held on to God and went on with the missions in obedience.

The second day the Lord send us to Lagos, the city where the first African slave market was held about 400 years ago. We searched for the marketplace. Stumbling and limping because of my leg we walked through the city of Lagos. As we finally found the place, we prayed and asked God for forgiveness for the sin and bondage of slavery that caused so much pain, grieve and misery to many nations. We asked for healing and restoration by Jesus blood.

The third day we drove to Cabo de São Vicente. This place is the most western part of Europe. It is a desolate place, characteristic because of the high, rough rocks. Down below is the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse is known to have the strongest light signals from Europe.

In ancient times, before the discovery that the earth was round and not flat, people used to think that the world stops at Cabo de São Vicente. If you sail off to the horizon, you will fall of the earth…….This “end of the world” is chosen by God to be the beginning of a spiritual road of the last harvest. The Lord showed me that He opened a road, a portal from São de Vicente in Portugal, straight across whole Europe till Russia. God invites us all to walk on this road, just hop on the road from any part or direction you come from. This is for Europe. A spiritual road of destiny in God through Christ Jesus. It is the road of the last harvest.

We prayed at São de Vicente, dedicating it to God. Standing on such a historic place, we asked the Lord to cleans and wash it from all the things that happened in the past. In the spirit I saw many things: battles, bloodshed, human sacrifices, suicides. I sensed pain, anguish, loneliness and horror. We asked forgiveness and for God’s mercy and grace to come rest upon that place, and for Jesus blood to cover the entire area. Where we stood we build an altar for God by placing a piece of a rock upright.

After São Vicente, we went to a find a spot where our two sons ( Nathan and Jeftha, at that time 19 and 11 years old) could be baptized. The Lord led us to beach Martinhal, not far from São de Vicente.

It was a beautiful, white sanded beach. Besides us there were just a handful other visitors lingering. The baptism was a special experience to all of us. Honour and glory to God. After the baptism, I noticed that the pain in my leg became less, almost at the end of the day it was completely gone! God is the healer!

As we drove back to Albufeira where our apartment was, we suddenly heard a sound. I stopped the car and stepped out. Checking the car while walking around it, I noticed that there was something hanging on the antenna of the car. To our surprise it was a key attached to a wooden key chain. There was a rooster engraved in the key chain. A rooster is the national symbol of Portugal. All four of us wondered where this key came from. We just left a resort of bungalows behind us, so maybe the wind blew the key from one of the bungalows in our direction, we thought. We looked around; our car was the only one. A desolate plain and in the distance the resort……nothing else. It was odd, for a moment we didn’t know what to do.

In the back of my mind there was a thought of a sign of God, but I wasn’t too sure. So, what does one usually do when finding a key? If it is possible, you return it……We drove back to the resort and stopped at the reception. We explained what happened to the woman behind the desk and asked if she recognized the key. She looked surprised. No, she said, it doesn’t look like the keys from the bungalows of the resort but it was okay to leave it at the reception. Just to be sure, maybe the owner will come after all, she said. So, we left the key behind and we continued our trip back to Albufeira. Of course we thought about what happened all the way back to our apartment. It became clear to us that it really must have been a sign of God. A key literally fell from heaven and landed on our car!  At São de  Vicente God opened a spiritual road/portal and afterwards He gave us a sign from out of heaven to drop a (natural) key. To us it was a miracle.

A second sign of the Lord appeared in the sky. Driving along the beautiful coast, we saw a dolphin formed by a lining of clouds in the sky. It really was a drawing, but instead made with a pencil it was made by clouds. Not fluffy but a clear lining. We were amazed; the dolphin also seemed to smile……God gave a scripture:

Job 12:8-9


This testimony happened three years ago, in 2004.

Last year at a conference I met Janice mcVeigh, a prophetess from England. Checking her website, I read that she ministered in the Algarve-Portugal. In fact, she was in Portugal that same year we were there for a holiday, God’s timing indeed. That summer many natural fires blazed across Portugal because of extreme high temperatures; in spirit realm God is moving with His Fire throughout Portugal and through whole of Europe and beyond.

Janice ministered in a church in the city Portimão.

At the beginning of this year we planned to spend  the summer holiday in the Algarve again, so I booked the same apartment in Albufeira. The city Albufeira was not far from Portimão, so it was possible to visit the church when we were in the Algarve. Somewhere in the middle of the arrangements, the Holy Spirit urged me to ask Jennifer about a Portugal Glory Ring. When Jennifer agreed to make a ring, I knew in my heart that it was a gift for the church in Portimão. I received the Portugal-Spain ring on 7-10-07.

Our flight to Portugal was on 7-14-07. Although the ring was connected to the Morocco Glory Ring I received earlier, I didn’t sense that kind of “heaviness” as the Morocco ring

I e-mailed Jennifer: “I am sure that every Glory ring is anointed, but with this ring I can see in the spirit the anointment dripping from the ribbons and the scarves”.

The first time I prayed with the ring at our prayer meeting, a little white dove popped off the ring. God sends His Holy Spirit and peace before me to prepare the way.

I tried to contact the church in Portimão. Janice send me their e-mail address and I e-mailed the pastors Jorge and his wife Marta Nunes. No response…..I tried several times without result. Something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was. In the meantime Janice planned to visit them again and I asked her to make sure that she would tell the pastors about my plans to visit them in July. A week before departure I still couldn’t make contact with the church, I only had their address. I also tried to call them, but no answer. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit said to me not to worry, He will guide us and bring us safely to the church. In faith I packed the Glory Ring in the suitcase and we travelled to sunny Portugal.

We arrived smoothly in Portugal.

I’ve booked the same apartment as three years before, but to our surprise we even had the same guesthouse as last time. The four of us (my husband, myself and our two sons) and the three years (ago), makes 7. Our guesthouse number was 7 (the last time I didn’t noticed it).

Our eldest son Nathan, saw right behind the guesthouses a flag of Morocco (this reminded me immediately of the connection between the two rings!) We were in July (7th month) and in the year 2007. The date of arrival in Portugal was the 14th . Fourteen divided by two makes 7. We spend 12 days in Portugal (reminded me of the twelve apostles, twelve tribes of Israël…..). All this wasn’t something we deliberate planned; afterwards I noticed that behind al these “coincidences ” was a message from God . So was the pomegranate trees, the grapes and beautiful flowers growing in the garden of our guesthouse. One time we saw a dove in the clefts of the rocks, it literally reminded me of Song of Songs 2:14. But there was more: During our holiday, the Lord showed me in the spirit a picture of myself holding the Portugal-Spain ring at Cabo São de Vicente. To me it was a confirmation that we had to go to the same  place on the western part of the Algarve again. It was the spot where the Lord opened a spiritual road/portal three years ago. The Lord also told me to have holy communion with bread and wine. So on a Friday (we already spend almost a week at the Algarve coast ) we drove to the Cape São de Vicente. The day before I went for shopping. I was looking for wine for the communion. Strolling the authentic shops I found a port-wine with the brand “Messias”. Port is produced in Northern-Portugal. The word Messias drew my attention, I knew immediately that this was the one. There were  Messias port-wines of 20 years old, but I choose the 10 years old. Again, it wasn’t on purpose, but led by the Holy Spirit. It was later that I realized that the Portugal-Spain Ring arrived at my home 10th of July. At the end of our holiday I also bought a gift for Romana, my sister in law. It were ceramic tiles with painted numbers on it (most of the houses in Portugal have these  ceramic house numbers). Romana has house number 10. Ten, is also about the law of God and our responsibility towards Him.

Arriving at São de Vicente, we prayed and I lifted up the Glory Ring to the Lord. It was windy at the cape (as it always is). The ribbons and scarves released God’s glory, the wind carried it above the Atlantic Ocean one way and on the other way into the land. Then we had communion. It was a solemn, holy moment. In the spirit I saw the saints standing around us: Abraham, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Lazarus and others……A voice said “You have entered the gate of saints……”


                                                               A VISION

At the second or third day of our arrival in Portugal, I received a vision. The first time I saw an angel appear with white outstanding wings. The wings had golden linings. Remarkable was the bluish hair. It was the first time I saw an angel with bluish coloured hair.

The second time there were two angels. The one I saw before and another one who looked the same. They placed themselves beside me. Standing so close to me, I could see diamond glitter on their faces. As I looked down I saw golden feet.

Then I saw these two angels walking through a kind of tunnel. The sides of the tunnel were made of transparent blue sapphire (this explains the bluish hair). The ground they walked on was made of diamond (that’s why the diamond glitter on their faces). These angels serve the nation. Each nation has its own specific angels.

I saw both angels carrying a sword at their side. The swords were decorated with rubies. Every time the sword is used, it releases a song over the nation or situations concerning it.

The angel on my right side placed his hand on my shoulder. He didn’t speak, but in the spirit I understood what he meant. He “said” to me that I had to release the song of the swords for the nation in Jesus name. Which I did in all the four wind directions. The angels danced and whirled while using their swords. I saw them move over and across Portugal.

Next; broad, long golden ribbons were unwind from out of heaven. On each ribbon there were words written on it. Proclamations like: JOY, PEACE, HEALING, REDEMPTION, FORGIVENESS, JESUS BLOOD, GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB, CHANGE………...Among the golden ribbons, I noticed a red ribbon. On the red ribbon was written PERSECUTION. At the end of the red ribbon, it coloured white. Bright, radiant white. On this part I read VICTORY.

Then, black ribbons of mourn appeared. Portugal will be hit by (a) disaster(s).

Whereupon a huge golden crown descended from heaven. It was decorated with many pearls. God our Lord is King over nations. Who calls unto Him is safe. This is where the vision ended.

As I mentioned, I only had an address of the church which name is Centro Cristão Vida Abundante (Abundant Life Christian Centre). During the first days in Portugal I kept on trying to contact the church by phone and to trace the location of the church with the help of tourist information…..but still without  result. Friday evening we decided to go to Portimão, just to see what the city is like so we will be a bit prepared  when we go to the service the following Sunday. Well, it wasn’t a success at all! The city was bigger than we thought and packed with tourists. We had such trouble to find a parking place and it was even more a catastrophe to get off the parking place afterwards. Other parked cars were blocking the way and only with tricky manoeuvres we finally could leave the parking place.

JUNE 2007


For the Nations of Spain-Portugal!

Sent to:  Amanda Spunda, Venlo, Holland, The Netherlands

Given to: Pastor Jorge and Marta Nunes, Centro Cristao Vida Abundante, Poritmao, Portugal ~July 2007

Scriptures: Psalm 19, Psalm 50, Psalm 89, Genesis 1, Isaiah 65:17-25, Revelation 21, Revelation 22, John 17, Matthew 6, John 1-3, Ephesians 3, Hebrews 9, Hebrews 11 and John 6.

Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

Yes, it was discouraging and slight doubts if we ever would find the church arose, but I was determined to go the following Sunday. I depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us…….He promised He will.

On Sunday, we left early in the morning from Albufeira to Portimão. It was just twenty minutes by car. As soon as we entered the city, we looked for a gas station, hoping that one of the employees can help us. We approached the first gas station and quickly I pulled aside and stepped out the car. I asked the girl who was working in the shop about the address and she seemed to know where it was. She explained to us the direction and a few minutes later we were on our way to the church. We only had to stop two or three times more to ask the way again, but suddenly we stood in front of the church! It was a miracle, really. God fulfilled His promise. The people of the church and the pastor Jorge and his wife gave us a warm welcome. It was such a blessing to meet them all. We even could speak Dutch because one of them came from Holland. He settled twenty years ago in Portugal and is married to a Portuguese.

Yes, the pastor and his wife already heard from Janice about my coming and they received my e-mails but couldn’t contact me because of problems with the internet.

During worship I danced with the Glory Ring, giving God honour. After the worship I was invited to come to the front to tell about the ring. The people were listening with interest.

I also mentioned that the Glory Ring as well as the books, cassette and anointing oils were a gift to the church and that  all are free to use the ring in worship or prayer; may the Holy Spirit inspire them to.

After the service, we were invited to have dinner with the pastor and his family and some friends of the church. Marta, the pastor's wife told me that her young daughter received a vision during worship that morning. It was before I told about the Glory Ring. I was touched and moved as she told about the vision. One God, one in (His) spirit, united in Jesus love……

It was a privilege and a honour to be the bearer of the Portugal-Spain Glory Ring. I thank the Lord for His mercy, grace, guidance and endless patience. I thank the lovely people of the church who gave us such a warm welcome and fellowship. May God continue to bless them all. And may the Lord release the holy destiny of the nations Portugal/Spain.

 This was the vision of the pastors daughter:

She saw the gates of heaven. A dove (a white dove popped of the Glory Ring the first time I prayed with it ) opened them with a key ( there’s a key on the Glory Ring and a key fell from heaven, landing on our car three years ago). Then a big eagle came from out of the gates. The eagle starts to fly over Portimão. In his mouth he had a sword (the angels in the vision I received days before, also had swords) and an apple. “With this you’ll be more than a conqueror,” said the eagle.


Song of Songs 2:3-6:




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"And He (Jesus Christ) answered and said to them, "Go and report to John what you have seen and heard: the BLIND RECEIVE SIGHT, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the POOR HAVE THE GOSPEL PREACHED TO THEM. And blessed is he who keeps from stumbling over me."    Luke 7:22-23