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 Journal of Joy  

La Grande, Oregon  ~ July 14-16, 2007

07.14.07 ~ The LORD awakened me to a beautiful sunrise the morning before, so I was anticipating the fullness of HIS presence all weekend long. Gratefully the HGRM Covenantal Prayer Shield had been intently faithfully interceding for this ministry trip. The only word I had heard about this trip was that the LORD was going to "bring HIS consuming fire to La Grande and that I could count on it being a hot weekend!" The first stop along the way was the PO Box in Salem, where I picked up a box of treasures from Moorpark, CA. Enclosed a beautiful silver necklace with crystal and silver hearts. The LORD said to wear it that HE would be "redeeming hearts on this trip." So I exchanged necklaces and began praying about the redemption of the hearts of HIS people.

A portal appeared over La Grande on Friday the 13th in the evening. Lynda sent the photos which was a great encouragement to everyone. Please notice the cross inside the portal. It is completely the LORD's display of beauty, power and sovereignty.

Signs Along the Way: Arrow, Dan 043 (Daniel 4:3 How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation!) Montana, 698824, Sprinter Keystone.

The Holy Spirit directed me to stop in The Dalles, Oregon along I-84 for drive by prayer and pouring out anointing oil in strategic locations. Then I also stopped in La Grande for more drive by prayer, pouring out anointing oil and seeking more revelation of the LORD regarding HIS ministry and word for La Grande this weekend.

When I arrived at Phil and Lynda's the air conditioning unit had discontinued working and the water pipes had broken....now what was it the LORD mentioned about a "hot weekend!" I just laughed when they told me. It was a warm, warm welcome to Cove, a little community near La Grande where Phil and Lynda live.

In the evening, we went to the Historic Union Hotel for dinner which was also without air conditioning...I just kept laughing. God is so faithful to keep HIS word! As one who notices details, the "ghost" in the window of the hotel did not go unnoticed...a remnant of a Halloween party...oh, this must be another prayer assignment of the MOST HIGH GOD!

07.15.07 ~ Lynda, Rochelle and I went into La Grande for more strategic location praying and pouring out of anointing oil before the evening gathering (over 50 bottles were poured out on this trip). We were able to release the new ministry power-point Slide Show at this gathering which is an amazing demonstration of the faithfulness of ADONAI in response to the prayers of HIS people.

The Holy Spirit gave the following key points for the evening teaching: 1. AWARENESS  2. ALERT 3. ACTION. With these specific Scriptures as a focus point: Joshua 7:10-26, I Samuel 16:7 and Matthew 25:1-13. Following the teaching, we went out side with our bottles of anointing oil and threw it across the road giving the LORD a victory shout for HIS sovereignty and power in the earth! GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME! HE IS THE LORD! YES, HE IS! Then we closed the evening with more worship and personal prayer ministry.

07.16.07 ~ The morning was very refreshing after intense victory the night before. The silver heart necklace was de-chained and the heart were given away. WAHOOOO! In the morning I was privileged to pray for Stephenie, one of our intercessors from Canada. Her children Justice and Hope were the living prophetic movement of ELOHIM throughout the weekend. THE FATHER bringing HIS hope and HIS justice to La Grande! Only GOD!

Before I left for home, I made a few more strategic prayer stops with my Worship Hammer and anointing oil, then Lynda and I stopped by Debbie's home to pray and then we stopped by Phil's office and prayed in that place as well. As I was driving out of town, the LORD asked me to turn around and take my necklace and earrings back to Debbie's. The necklace and earrings contained 10 (John 10:10)colorful buttons and was a gift from a dear friend in Tennessee. I knew in my spirit the LORD was going to button some things up in her life and I prayed the fullness of THE CALL in Tennessee to be over their home. I finally departed at 3:33 and all the way home repeatedly the number 33, which is symbolic of ELOHIM's PROMISEpromise was before me. The LORD loves to keep HIS promises. It is HIS nature to do so.

Phil and Lynda Peterson have served as HGRM Advisors for a number of years and have remained true and faithful friends as well. A genuine deep blessing from ADONAI!

In HIS eternal grace and glory!

Jennifer Lynn Joy


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"And blessed be HIS glorious name for ever. And let the whole earth be filled with HIS glory. Amen and Amen!"  Psalm 72:19