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The Covenant Promises of God

 Jennifer Joy © 2002

January 9, 2002: As I was working at the computer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that I was to get up, leave what I was working on and go to the beach immediately. Within five minutes I was in the car on the way to the Oregon Coast. HE has taught me the benefits of immediate obedience! The day was very gray and overcast. Drizzling as we say in Oregon.

Arriving safely at Seaside, Oregon in the early afternoon at the beach where the statue of Lewis & Clark marks the end of the Oregon Trail, I parked the car in the usual place. Getting out of the car, I prepared to go to the beach. As the weather was a bit chilly, I put on a winter vest, and then as I was getting ready to put on my raincoat, a couple was getting into the car next to me. The man stopped and helped me with my coat while his wife waited patiently for him to do so. It was so much like what JESUS would do.

So, cradling the warm chocolate mocha between my hands, I strolled slowly across the wet sand to the rolling white-capped waves. The ocean has always been a place of peace, restoration, and joy to me. As one friend writes, “I go to the sea to breathe!” The sound of the breakers caressing the beach always soothes away any tension that I may be carrying.

The drizzle stopped. The almost completely empty beach was very quiet and still with the exception of some noisy seagulls. The presence of the LORD was sweet. The wind held still as I sauntered down the beach. In my spirit, I hear from the Holy Spirit very clearly that I am going to find a sand dollar and one shortly appeared. I had spent many years looking for a sand dollar on the beach and finding my first when I was 37 years old…so a sand dollar is something that I cherish. As I held the first sand dollar in my hand, I asked, “PAPA G, what is this about?” The Holy Spirit spoke, “It is symbolic of a covenant relationship.” Then when I picked up the second sand dollar the Holy Spirit spoke, “This is symbolic of double portion.” I laughed out loud in pure delight. And when I picked up the third sand dollar, the Holy Spirit asked me, “Jennie, what do you want?” I began shouting to the waves …..FATHER in the name of JESUS…..holding the three sand dollars in my hands….

1. Revival in Oregon

2. 10,000 souls deceived by a lie of satan to come to the saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST!

3. For all the Oregon Gambling Casinos to be turned into Worship Jesus Christ Centers.

Sometimes the waves would come over the sand dollar just as I would see it and I would speak to the waves to stop overtaking the sand dollar and then I would run to get it. Sometimes a wave of evil or a life circumstance comes into our lives and keeps us from receiving our promises of GOD. So we have to push back the waves of discouragement, despair, disillusionment and depression with prayer, intercession, perseverance and press into GOD and not let go of the promise HE has given to us.

The empty coffee cup is filled to overflowing with sand dollars. So I stopped for a moment or two, emptied the contents of the cup into the vest pockets, stuffing them to overflowing with sand dollars. The Holy Spirit continued to direct my steps…to the right….to the left….over here….and I continued to shout proclamations of covenant promises to the heavenlies.

4. For People to see YOUR face, FATHER, hear YOUR voice, walk in immediate obedience to YOUR word!

5. Unity in the body of JESUS CHRIST! (Ministry Relationships Restored)

6. Restoration and complete HEALING from all forms of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental abuse

7. Reconciliation among families in the Body of Christ

8. Provision for 50 Biblical Christian Worship Centers near every capital city in America

9. Marriages Restored and Redeemed!

As I head south, down the beach, I came across seagulls greedily pecking apart the sand dollars. Screaming at the top of my lungs for these birds to leave the sand dollars alone. I thought of so many people that I had been praying for and it was just like satan has just kept pecking at them trying to tear them apart or their lives apart or their family apart or their finances apart or something apart! My spirit was so agitated, I yelled, “PAPA, you must do something about these birds, they are tearing the sand dollars to pieces!” So, I prayed for the birds to be diverted and to leave the shells alone. To the north side of the beach a couple began throwing out breadcrumbs, with a large sound of fluttering wings, and the squalling sound of many seagulls, they rushed to the northern part of the beach to the breadcrumbs.

It reminded me of the time of Elijah, when he was fleeing Jezebel and GOD raised King Jehu, and the spirit of Jehu in the land took over the spirit of jezebel….it was awesome! Glory to JESUS! Isn’t it just like JESUS to provide “The Bread of Life” in a crisis to allow the covenant promises of GOD to come forth!

As the sun is slowly dropping into the golden horizon....I wait for the fullness of the sunset, wait for the fullness of what GOD is doing, wait for the fullness of HIS purposes, wait for the fullness of HIS glory, wait for all that HE has for me, that I don’t need to rush home to do the dishes. Continuing to pick up, stuff my pockets, and proclaim covenant promises to the LORD. There are too many sand dollars to count.

The yellow ball of fire over the horizon fills the sky with a blazing display of colors over the mist and the waves. HIS glory mist released. HIS glory released. Staggered me completely. Embracing each moment and the fullness of HIS glory I began to walk backwards up the beach, not wanting to miss a moment of the HIS glorious sunset. Finding of course more sand dollars along the way…..each time proclaiming a promise of GOD to the heavenlies.

The time on the beach slipped by so quickly.  Three hours of running, singing, praying, dancing, interceding, walking, laughing. Just the physical healing required to even make this day possible is overwhelming. Tears ran down my cheeks many times during the day. Praying and interceding for my FATHER’s kingdom.

As I arrived near the parking lot a woman in a yellow coat with black trim came down the steps to meet me. She stopped a few feet in front of me and with much tenderness in her voice asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am, did you see that glorious sunset?” I replied. Not answering, she turned quickly and walked up the stairs to the parking lot ahead of me. The word “angel” came to my spirit and mind immediately. So I followed her to the parking lot and she went into the restaurant and stood by the window watching me.

With my vest pockets stuffed full, looking like a kangaroo with two pouches, I am sure that is for double portion…I carefully took off my coat and vest and laid them in the trunk of the car. My boots and jeans are very wet and soaked as I had run into the waves many times. It did not matter to me at all.

Noticing the woman in the window was still watching, I backed the car out of the parking space. Immediately she turned from her place at the window, came out the door of the restaurant, went down the steps, turned right and walked toward the beach. An guardian angel perhaps.....

After arriving home, I carefully laid the sand dollars in the bathtub to wash them…..counting them more than once to make sure. 39 is for truth Jesus was hit 39 times before he was crucified….BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED! HE is the TRUTH! The truth is that GOD does keep HIS Covenant Promises. JESUS is the fullness of the new Covenant.

On Saturday, January 12, 2002 the LORD asked me to go outside and look at the rainbow. I was working at the computer so, this meant getting up, and going out the front door of the apartment. The south, east, and west sides of the apartment do not have any windows with a view of the outdoors. There was a double rainbow to the southwest with the inner rainbow ending over my car. I knew that GOD was confirming HIS release and HIS word from Wednesday, just three days before.

The reason I have shared this testimony is because there are those of you here that have lost or misplaced or given up hope regarding a covenant from the LORD, the birds of life (symbolic of the circumstances of life) have torn it apart, and GOD wants to give it back to you. If you have covenant of the LORD that has been lost in a wave of discouragement or despair or that the birds have pecked apart, broken and destroyed then please come forward. You may take one of the 39 sand dollars. It is the double portion of HIS promise. HE gave me 39 sand dollars double-portion. HE asked me to give to you the double portion of HIS promise. Please receive, embrace, and accept all that HE has for you.

As note, it is important to remember, a Covenant Promise request must be in alignment with character of GOD, must align with the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, as we are a part of the new covenant as HIS believers, and must not be formed out of manipulation, control or vindication. It must have the heart of GOD sealed upon it.

Some Scriptural References regarding Covenant Promises:

What is a covenant? It is a promise. There are almost 300 Scriptures in the Bible that speak regarding covenant. Just think by reading one Scripture a day on covenant….by the end of any given year you could be almost an expert on the word.

1. In Genesis 8 and 9, God makes a covenant to Noah and seals with HIS sign from heaven – a rainbow. This is a one-way covenant….God made the covenant to Noah.

2. In Genesis 17, God makes a covenant to Abram, that he will be the FATHER of Many Nations and then GOD changed his name from Abram to Abraham as a seal of the promise.

3. In Numbers 25, God makes a covenant of peace and priesthood to the descendants of Eleazar who was Aaron’s Son. This is a generational covenant that was passed on from generation to generation. And in Ezekiel 37:26-27, God makes a covenant of peace with Israel. "Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them, and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; I will establish them, and I will set My sanctuary in their midst forever. My tabernacle also shall be with them; indeed I will be their God, and they shall be My people."

4. In I Samuel 20, Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David. This is a covenant from one person to another person’s family. It is imperative that a covenant with someone else does not supercede your covenant with GOD and thereby becoming an idol in your life.

5. In II Chronicles God appears to Solomon a second time….GOD may give more than one covenant to a person.

6. Often we look at a marriage relationship as a covenant relationship. Sometimes it is known as holy matrimony……some of us have lived in unholy matrimony. It is possible for another person to break covenant with you and therefore position you in a place you would have never chosen to be such as divorced, homeless, jobless, car less, bankrupt, etc. There are consequences to broken covenants. The other side to that is that a marriage relationship is first a covenant to GOD, then a covenant to each other. Are you keeping your covenant to GOD? is the first question in any marital discomfort or dispute.

7. The Apostle Paul explains in Hebrews 8, 9, & 10 the new covenant that JESUS brought to us. This is of course the basis of our faith.

March 2003 - The Story Continues with Cindy Bremmer, Saint Helens, Oregon


What I learned from Noah's Life

Some things you need to know about life you may learn Noah... One ~ Don't miss the boat - be on time. Two ~ Remember to be in the boat that JESUS is in. Three ~ Think and plan ahead - it wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark. Four ~ Be prepared - when you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really important. Five ~ There will always be those who will criticize and condemn you for walking in obedience to the LORD GOD. Let GOD take care of the critics. Six ~ Build your future on HIS word, will and way. Seven ~ For the sake of safety travel two-by-two or in teams. Eight ~ Haste and Hurry are not always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs. Nine ~ When you are stressed out - lean back and float for awhile. Ten ~ Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic by professionals - with GOD all things are possible, even the impossible. Eleven ~ Both rain and sunshine make the rainbow - HIS eternal covenant promises often includes experiencing more than one of HIS elements. Twelve ~ The rainbow is a full circle with all the colors of the prism of GOD - symbolic of HIS never-ending, ring of love, full circle relationship with HIS creation.


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Given to: Marcia Crawford, Oregon City, OR, USA

Scriptures: Jeremiah 31:1-9, Isaiah 61:7, Matthew 16:17-19, Psalm 116:15 and Song of Solomon.

Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

"Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house."    I Kings 8:11