This prophetic word is for anyone who has participated in HGRM at any time in any season. I trust you will be overtly blessed. Jennifer Joy

03.16.07 - Friday

Jennifer – wow. what a crazed bumpy ride this has been to work on this glory ring for you as you weep between the porch and the altar for the remnant – HIS BAND OF SURVIVORS. I didn’t know what the name of your ring was until jus then when I wrote it. 2007 – to me, this year will be a coming out of, as a purchased people – through fire, persevering, seeing the apostolic established more fully in purity with a heart of a worker, a doer, a servant – into the LIGHT …this will be a turning, HIS turning: that is a part of what this ring is about – what the intercession meaning is to see it manifest in the Spirit. It is an interesting ring in appearance.

When God first started talking to me about the ring I was to make for you I had a sense of “comfortability”- like an old pair of jeans, and I saw a pocket. (One thing I ask my ABBA FATHER quite often is for HIM to just put me in the pocket close to HIS heart so that I can hear HIS heartbeat and resonate with HIS love.) Every single way this ring was fashioned has meaning. I’m sure I exactly get it, but I know in my spirit it has almost a hippie feel. (I grew up in the hippie generation and trust the LORD is redeeming that generation for HIS GLORY!) Now, writing – I know why you speak on tape. I’ll try and just give an over-all. The tag at the top from the jeans: “LU”? (Lula Daniels who went home to be with the LORD last June 2006 made the “It is Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory” Glory Ring that my first book Have Glory Ring will Travel! speaks of regarding my life friend who was murdered March 28, 2004 – It has been 13 years this next weekend since Arlene’s death. My prayer and hope is that the justice of the ELOHIM will arise in America.) “Stretch 11” You know “11” signifies REDEMPTION to me – the word “short. (11 is also about Hebrews 11 and as a child my grandfather gave me the nickname of “short” which I have not heard in many years as he died when I was 10 years old.)

The wrap FRUIT scarf is the whole reason for the warfare ---celtic ‘cord’, REDBLOOD tied – a bit of Irish fee for some reason with green scarves and clover. (My Dad’s heritage is English and Irish – he was born on March 17, 1924.)

BLUE (revelatory) piggy bank with a car & house key with an old gold ball earring from when I was in High School as a cheerleader – has to do with warring for Isaiah 60 = LIGHT. (This last Christmas I gave my three grandchildren new piggy banks as the LORD spoke to me that HE was increasing their inheritance...that HE was bringing about change with change (coins).

My oldest daughter Hannah Beth has come home to us with her daughter (17 months) Jennah Leigh (whom I named) and brand-new baby girl just born here February 27, 2007 at 7:33 p.m. weighing 6 pounds 2.9 oz and 18” long. Her name means LIGHT > Rinoa (R-eye-noah) Rinoa Lynn. All has to do with deliverance. We are all moving home to Colorado and will be there on Passover. Oh, the skulls on the keychain – Isaiah 37. (I really laughed at the skulls because it is the last thing I would put on a Glory Ring and then I realized that ELOHIM really does destroy darkness and evil and it is sweet thing to see HIS victory and HIS justice when one as a survivor.)

The orange ball-beads have to do with warfare! With the rainbow ribbon (HGR Ministries & you). Police car – your authority for the world, really, the NATIONS – I believe there is coming some kind of travel – hence the airline pin. The fuchsia lace is from and intimate article of clothing, tied to the world. (Symbolic of bringing Spiritual intimacy and personal relationship with Yeshua to the world). Has to do with future ministry for you. Lots of horse stuff! (As most who have been around me in the last five of years – HA! It is time to Ride!)

I love the Scripture HE gave Isaiah 10:27 – yoke destroyed because of the ‘fatness” – anointing…kept growing bigger and bigger. Is what you lead you (on the neck) & open what has been shut. This will all happen in an instant – Isaiah 29:5-6. THE LORD IS A MAN OF WAR! So much more, like  I said – EVERY SINGLE THING has meaning.

On the back is a ‘PLANET HOLLYWOOD’ pin from Singapore. That pin was given to me by a boss at Hewlett-Packard years ago from a business trip I put together for a marketing group there I worked for. God says it’s a big deal. I don’t know why but there it is. Um… Anyway, that’s all – oh, the 4 corners sort of faded peach with brown leaves scarf – very significant. The orange and brown thin swirly scarf, looks tie0dyed, is from my personal headband wearing stock. Lots of tassle-y ones. My favorite is the end, sort of crusades one.

God said that in making and giving this scarf to you, it’s part of me and my warfare. And how we are connected. I wrote the Scriptures on the back of the pocket – HIS idea and I LOVE IT! There’s a cute butterfly toe ring I took off my foot and tied in the middle of the ring with the antique lace. Barely got this done in time. Had to do before I went home and left Texas. Sending pictures – hope you enjoy them. Have fun with this 2007 ring. I sure did.

Much Love and gratitude to you, for who you are – Lisa X O

P.S. – Almost forgot. I washed & air-dried scarves and went to iron them and my iron broke. This is strange, I know, but I wasn’t to iron them. I tried and singed (burnt) the multi orange one on the end. My control knob broke off and the iron flat part has singed scarf burnt ruined on the surface and will not come off. (God is in control!)

This all has to do with the Bride – without spot or wrinkle – but it’s warfare. Can’t be man-ironed out.







ISAIAH 29:5-6



 Completed Friday, March 16, 2007

 With the help of Hannah Beth Snow, Sarah Griess, Zakery Griess, Mic Griess, Jennah Snow and Rinoa Snow.

"Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on JESUS CHRIST, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before HIM, endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of GOD! "  Hebrews 12:1-2